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Four-Year-Olds VPK Programs in Middleburg and Clay Hill  FL

By the time your child turns four, he or she is ready to learn new skills and progress into our Pre-K programs for four-year-olds in Middleburg, FL. Wee Care Daycare & Preschool, offers a curriculum designed to help children continue to make decisions on their own and in the classroom.

In our four-year-old preschool in Middleburg, we offer activities and interactive play to help children expand their knowledge and skills to better prepare for a lifetime of learning. But, we also encourage them to be children and have fun. We want your child to think through and solve problems by investigating, estimating, and testing solutions to learn how to make smart choices.
Four-year-olds are highly cognizant of their surroundings. They love learning new things through sensory exploration and storytelling. Our Middleburg classroom for four-year-olds includes all the elements needed to encourage every type of development at this age. Our Pre-K programs for four-year-olds in Middleburg are designed to get your child thinking and moving while participating in activities that he or she finds interesting.


Pre-K Programs for Four-Year-Olds in Middleburg and Clay Hill FL

At this young age, it's important to get children ready for the skills they will use in school every day, including reading and math. In the safe learning environment of our four-year-old preschool in Middleburg, your child will engage in a range of activities geared to prep him or her for kindergarten learning.
When choosing Pre-K programs for four-year-olds in Middleburg, it's important to remember that not every provider is the same. Our program helps to develop strong, positive character traits while boosting the self-esteem of every child. Through decades of working with children, our teachers help your child make good choices and develop school-readiness skills.

High-Quality VPK in Middleburg, FL

Wee Care Daycare & Preschool, provides a Voluntary Pre-K (VPK) program with wrap-around care to give your child a highly stimulating early learning experience throughout the entire day. Our VPK in Middleburg is designed to help children to develop the skills they need to become good readers and successful students. Our teachers have thoughtfully planned a schedule to incorporate ample time teacher-directed activities as well as dramatic play. Our classrooms provide the foundation for children to thrive and afford them the best opportunity to leave VPK ready for success in kindergarten!
Do you want to learn more about VPK in Middleburg that meets and exceeds Florida's VPK requirements? To learn more about our Pre-K programs for four-year-olds in Middleburg, contact us today!

Wee Care Daycare & Preschool, our goal is to provide families with high-quality VPK in Middleburg, FL. We offer qualified
child care for Clay County residents in Middleburg, Clay Hill, Keystone, Orange Park, and Stark, FL. Contact us to learn more!
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